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Welcome to Kukkina Boutique, where the world of fashion meets indulgence in an atmosphere curated for you. Founded by Kimberley Brooks, Kukkina Boutique is not just a clothing haven; it's a sanctuary where every woman can revel in a pampering experience while discovering stunning clothes and accessories.

Step into Kukkina and immerse yourself in a seamless fusion of colour-coordinated couture, accessories, and jewellery – a carefully curated selection that transforms your visit into a delightful adventure in fashion. Beyond merely shopping, we offer an all-encompassing experience, guiding you to effortlessly assemble complete and harmonious looks that reflect your unique style.

At Kukkina, we've elevated shopping to an art form. Our racks and displays showcase clothing, accessories, and jewellery in captivating colour palettes, whether you prefer monochromatic elegance, pastel serenity, or vibrant exuberance. This thoughtfully crafted shopping journey inspires creativity, simplifies decision-making, and ensures that each piece effortlessly integrates into your coordinated and stylish wardrobe.


Shopping at Kukkina

With onsite parking and the A* treatment every time, there is no need to book to see us at Kukkina.

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Where every customer can revel in a pampering experience

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