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Kukkina Boutique “Inspired By design” Was created by Kimberley Waters. She wanted to redefine the shopping experience by offering a seamless fusion of colour-coordinated clothing, accessories, and jewellery. Every visit to Kukkina is a delightful adventure in fashion, where customers can effortlessly put together complete and harmonious looks. Our aim is to guide our customers in having an ‘experience’ which we often combine with a glass of fizz and make it into an enjoyable event.

At Kukkina, it's not just about individual items; it's about creating an all-in-one shopping experience. Customers can explore racks and displays that showcase clothing, accessories, and jewellery in colour palettes that harmonize beautifully. Whether it's a monochromatic, pastel, or vibrant theme, shopping journey that inspires creativity, simplifies decision-making, and ensures that each piece purchased can effortlessly integrate into a coordinated and stylish wardrobe. Kukkina's commitment to colour coordination transforms shopping into a fun and enjoyable experience where fashion is not just a matter of choice but a work of art. You can also combine your visit with a pampering session at one of our beauty clinics in the Kukkina wellness hub.

"Thank you Kukkina for helping me choose my outfit - its such a relief not to have trawl around 100 shops! It was a great experience as well I have a top, a dress and jewellery to match - perfect!


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Where every customer can revel in a pampering experience while discovering stunning clothes and accessories


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Avoid the high street and get professional advice and guidance. Come and enjoy an experience at Kukkina Boutique and enjoy 10% off your first purchase PLUS a beauty treatment voucher.

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