About Kukkina Boutique

It's about the experience

Kukkina Women's Clothing Boutique and Wellbeing Hub is a unique and inclusive establishment that offers a wide range of products and services to cater to women's fashion and wellness needs.

The boutique offers a diverse collection of women's clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, and jewellery. What sets it apart is its personalised styling service, ensuring that customers find the perfect outfits to suit their tastes and preferences. Kukkina goes beyond shopping, offering a social and enjoyable experience by hosting events like girls' nights, hen dos, and birthday gatherings.

But it doesn't end there – at Kukkina, we believe in making every visit a celebration. Enjoy a touch of luxury as you explore our collections, perhaps sipping on a glass of fizz, turning your shopping into a memorable and enjoyable event.

And for those seeking the ultimate in relaxation, why not combine your visit with a pampering session at one of our beauty clinics within the Kukkina wellness hub? We're not just redefining fashion; we're creating an entire experience that celebrates the art of self-indulgence.

Kukkina Boutique – "Inspired By Design." Elevate your wardrobe, immerse yourself in luxury, and let every visit be a celebration of your unique style. Book your appointment now and let the Kukkina experience unfold.

Shopping at Kukkina

With onsite parking and the A* treatment every time, there is no need to book to see us at Kukkina.

Book your personal styling appointment

Avoid the high street and get professional advice and guidance. Come and enjoy an experience at Kukkina Boutique and enjoy 10% off your first purchase PLUS a beauty treatment voucher.

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